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Aikido Estrac Meeting March 31st, 2013 – Antonio Martín

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Author: Euclides Bedia
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This Saturday March 23 we met at the club Estrac Aikdo again to share a new session of aikido, this time by the master Antonio Martin. This time the teacher work center in the grips of ryote dory, versions des frontal and rear attacks, in motion and in static techniques to derive from there, all simple, but very inspiring, to place more emphasis in art we did if not the intent of this type of attack and therefore the answer to be given.
Do not forget to grab attacks, have their origin in impossible and immobilize the opponent so they can not use their weapons. Today this made ​​no sense, but if you have this type of work can be more distinctly work, especially for those with less experience, the idea of ​​connection you have between tori and uke.
Instead of striking attacks, where it is more difficult to establish the connection, and therefore go unnoticed for beginner fact, attacks grips make a tangible view dynamic flow connection must exist between tori and jute if While the technique we want to execute.

We are delighted to have the opportunity it gives us to teach Aikido Estrac increasingly different teachers. In this particular case, we're glad to see that the Maestro Antonio has returned to the "activity".

Publish date: March 25, 2013, 11 a.m.