Aikido Vilassar

Aikido Vilassar Infantil a la Marató de donació de Sang.

AV Kids Pere Sala AV Kids Pere Sala
Author: Euclides Bedia
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Participation of Children in Aikido Vilassar Marathon blood.

On Saturday 28 February, school Perez Sala, organized a blood donation day, which in this context were conducted in parallel many recreational activities and training about the need to give blood and involved.

Our social organization linked to the town participated in this event riding a class from the open section of aikido children. The group of children Aikido Children carried out a class / demonstration in the school yard, where he had set up a mat to perform activities.

Welcomes the participation of parents and children that made a playful morning aikido among colleagues and acquaintances.


Publish date: March 7, 2015, 6 a.m.