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Course and delivery of diplomas from Dan

Sensei Manel Fernández Sensei Manel Fernández Sensei Jaume Gelabert Sensei Jaume Gelabert Foto de grupo Foto de grupo
Author: Raul Toronjo
Notice: this text has been translated automatically.

On Saturday 23 February delivery held titles this year at St. Dan. Adrià. First, we would like to congratulate all those who received the award and invite them to continue to perfect his own aikido. On the other hand, teachers Jaume Gelabert (6è. Dan) and Manuel Fernandez (6è. Dan) offered us their lessons in a marathon session that began in the morning and ended in the afternoon.

The teacher Manuel Fernandez opened the course with a thorough warm-Tai sabaki, emphasizing body position, its verticality and proper projection from hara using the whole body. To this end, therefore, different techniques were worked ushiro ryo attack you dori dori and tanto. Then the teacher Jaime Gelabert deepen the movement of tai sabaki and also in different exercises to make hara awareness so that we can optimize the power and mobility of our hips. In this regard, I discovered, among many other things that cost me now to explain the hara is not a point in the abdomen, but a shaft through it.

In the afternoon session the teacher Gelaberd work we proposed the absorption of different attacks with a diagonal motion close-but-just like the sumi otoshi. At the turn of the master Manel Fernández, was to deepen the work to be performed uke and tori to make our training. Our teachers have always said, and it is always important to go back because we tend to mechanize some vices: not making a real attack because uke is thinking about the final stages of the technique, so following the movement exceeds or loosen the grip when in a context that does not really happen. As in everything, virtue is in the middle, neither little nor too much.

We take these final words to thank the excellent organization of the lens • Aikido Adrianenca Cultural Association, which offered facilities and immaculate, which is better than just a place to eat by himself justified difficult work early on Saturday.

Publish date: March 17, 2013, 1 p.m.