Aikido Vilassar

Course in Igualada - June 8, 2013

Author: Euclides Bedia
Notice: this text has been translated automatically.

This Saturday Vilassar Aikido mates could enjoy a class / course in Budo Kyoukai club located in the Ateneo de Igualada. Taught by our master classes and teacher Gilabert Jordi José Antonio Dato.
As a guest master teacher began class Gilabert, first with gentle heating to enable the body to quickly move on to the techniques. The work was focused primarily on applying the techniques with movement (tai sabaki), for creating inertia on the one hand, but also to force the body to find its balance in non-static positions. Finally and to tell the difference, it was also a job with technical applications and most direct sense, to better target screening des hara.

The second half of the training conducted at the teacher Dato, in this case, the work was focused on the work of the court (or sense) as a tool to control the opponent's attack and "steal" its center well to run the technique suitable form. There was a variety of inputs and cuts that give the perspective of our line of work more focused on creating the spiral was a small challenge and an extension of our views about what is Aikido.

Thank the hospitality of our friends Kyoukai Budo club, hoping to visit our dojo, so poderles return the favor.

Publish date: May 17, 2013, 10:51 p.m.