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Marathon in VILASSAR Mar Aikido. June 29

Aikido marathon 2013 Aikido marathon 2013
Author: Jordi Gilabert
Notice: this text has been translated automatically.

One year we met the challenge we set eight years ago to create a feature event Aikido one marathon, five hours of practice with different teachers open to anyone who wants to practice, share and enjoy what we like AIKIDO.

Pero this year despite maintaining the traditions we have provided a further boost to this day. Seizing the opportunity to meet everyone to make a collection of food for the Food Bank of Catalonia joining the FA NO HUNGER campaign VACANCES.

The acceptance of this proposal could not be better received by the participants, because if we see the number of participants, 93 people (a whole record holder for us) and the amount of food collected, we can not be more than grateful everyone. Themselves responsible for the Food Bank who attended the event were surprised by the amount of food collected.
We again thank the willingness of participants and persons without being practitioners joined the event by providing a grain of rice (or kilos better).

Now focusing on what Aikido was the day we can not be more than satisfied by the work and contribution of all participating teachers, each with his characteristic style led to very interesting and enjoyable classes, knowing regulate training intensity throughout when combining classes with Jo and Boken (proving once again why are Masters) thus making five straight hours of practice were made bearable and interesting.

Despite being five hours a day, give truce heat unlike other years and made possible a pleasant day, although at the time of rest, water and soft drinks were very well received.

It should be noted, finally, that also broke the record of square meters installed for the occasion tatami, tatami 490 m2 available to aikidokas.

After a strenuous day Vilassar Aikido members along with colleagues from other dojos enjoy a meal and a fun and entertaining desktop where we had time to comment practiced but also to laugh, these small details that bring a touch to these days.

We can only express our gratitude to the sponsors and SOLKED NUTRISPORT to all City Council employees Vilasar de Mar, Catalonia Aikikai Cultural Asociacio, Ateneo Dojo, Aikido Granollers, Mataró Aikido, Shin Budo, Aikido Satori, Quico Masafrets, Kihon Aikido, to colleagues who helped assemble the mat, in the poster design, photography (we hope to have them soon) ........ etc in coordination with their generous collaboration made the event possible.

And the most important participants you, with your assistance motiváis us year after year to follow and try to improve in the next.

See you at the VIIII

Arigatou Doumo gozaimashita

Publish date: July 1, 2013, 10:51 p.m.