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Author: Euclides Bedia
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This weekend (October 19) were held exams 1st to 3rd Dan of ACAC in sports facilities Vilassar Aikido club in the same town municipal hall.
This year this event has had a very personal look since the own undersigned the article and a fellow sufferer of the last five years, Clive, have been submitted to the tests. So this chronicle will be more emotional and subjective than others I've had the opportunity to share with you.
The passing grade for all practitioners is the culmination of a process long has meant sacrifice and personal record, but also the joy of sharing it with people and colleagues who have supported and helped you. Although there is an aspect of personal work, without the collaboration of immediate uke and all partners in the daily workouts such evidence could not be carried out successfully.
That is why both Clive and I want to thank all our club mates support. Special mention to our ukes during exams we have endured what no name in recent months. Without them our work would be impossible. Our "success" is also yours, and it was a great joy to share with you.
Doubts, burdens and fears were dispelled in an instant to start moving to show neither more nor less than the backlog, a job that does not end with this, but it began a new phase of improvement and self-criticism to improve and further advanced, as seen on tests of 3rd Dan, with a demonstration of evolution, both qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the practice of aikido. It was really very lucky to see such tests.
Congratulate all those who this year have been submitted to the tests certainly have done a good job. Not only the clitoris but also suffered ukes.
I would also like to acknowledge the words of congratulations from all our colleagues from other clubs, many of them are models, relating as people aikidokas as for me personally, therefore, its recognition is very valuable. Doing things well and get goals should be that one does for oneself not to get external approval, but sometimes the people knowing you value recognized for adding value to the achievements.
Special mention deserves our sensei Jordi Gilabert, thank you taught him during this trip and look forward to learning more.
As a final note, finish the meal with colleagues after the surprise examinations of two magnificent and tasty cakes memorial was a detail, we almost skipped them tears. Thank you very much Maria.

Publish date: Oct. 22, 2013, 1 p.m.