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Author: Clive Ellul
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The weeks go by and my elbow injury is improving but not quite. The question that I make my partner is "and how did you get it?". The truth is I do not know. I do not remember a specific time when feel have made a bad gesture, or a bad fall. So where is my injury? * They've been wearing my joints or tendons over time? Will I grow old? Or could it be that I have not been warmed up and stretched properly before my aikido practice?

This was what the Master Pedro Cano was determined to be corrected in the latest "Trobada" Aikido in San Vicents of Montalt, proposing a series of stretching and warming up exercises specifically focused our practice of aikido.

Physical education teacher by profession, and with the clear idea that some benefit us to take our respective dojos (with delivery of a dossier of stretching etc for each participant). Peter spent 30 long minutes to instruct students and teachers alike in the basic principles of how to prepare our bodies for the risk of injury is minimized by practicing aikido. Without going into detail the rules seem clear:

SIEZA and breathe - be aware of the physical effort that we undertake.
We heat before stretching (common fault is to reverse this order) - A series of tai-sabakis or a little run around the mat is the perfect aerobic exercise to circulate blood through the body.
Progressively stretched from head to foot, in sections: neck, shoulders, arms, wrists (about Aikitaiso since we already have the tools and the know) and so the toes. After taisabakis more, this time in pairs, and introducing the beginnings of the techniques but without losing rhythm and continuous aerobic movement. 45 minutes after making the O-Sensei Rei are well prepared to begin class.

This followed the line that had been proposed aerobic Pedro for the entire match. We practice several techniques kaeshiwaza, fun and varied, where the biggest problem was knowing who was who was the uke and tori.
We concluded the class how could it be otherwise, more stretching and breathing exercises.
I was missing this direct approach to aikido as physical activity, although some insist that it is not a sport for not being competitive.

Well done Peter!

Dress criticizes and see ANATOMY & STRETCHING. Stretches Guide Brad Walker in our books section.

Publish date: May 12, 2013, 11:15 p.m.